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Russian Independent SelfPublished Talk 1 June 2018 – 2pmdocumenta-Halle

Russian Independent SelfPublished

The Russian Independent SelfPublished collective was founded in 2015 by artists Natalia Baluta, Alla Mirovskaya and Elena Kholkina in order to represent and promote Russian photobooks abroad in the face of insufficient institutional support. Their mission in Russia is to inform, teach and allow access to photobooks for a wider audience. Internationally, they would like to facilitate the integration of Russian photobooks and artists from Russia into the international network and market. Awareness of the photobook medium in Russia is still low. Therefore their indisputed priority is to popularize the photobook. Russian Independent SelfPublished is giving lectures, workshops and seminars. They are participating in exhibitions, fairs and round-table discussions in different parts of Russia and taking part in international festivals. In the last three years, they presented nearly 100 book titles by 20 artists at major international events, such as the Vienna Photobook Festival (2015-2017), Unseen Amsterdam (2015-2017), Cosmos Arles Books (2016-2017), Polycopies Paris (2015-2017), Los Angeles and New York Art Book Fairs (2017).
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