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Anders Petersen Conversation  3 June 2018 – 11amdocumenta-Halle

© Anders Petersen – From Café Lehmitz, 1978

Anders Petersen

Anders Petersen was born in 1944 in Stockholm, Sweden, where he currently lives. In 1966 he met Christer Strömholm and became a student at his School of Photography in Stockholm. Strömholm was not just his teacher, but also a close friend. Their friendship influenced him for life. In 1967 he started photographing a bar called Café Lehmitz in Hamburg. He was photographing there for a period of almost three years and in 1970 he had his first solo exhibition over the bar in Café Lehmitz, with 350 photographs nailed to the wall. In 1973 he published his first book Gröna Lund, about people in an amusement park in Stockholm. In 1974 he graduated from the Swedish Filmschool, Dramatiska Institutet, in Stockholm. In 1978 he published Café Lehmitz in Germany. In 1984 the first book in a trilogy about locked institutions was published: the three books were about people in a prison, a nursing house, and a mental hospital. During 2003 and 2004, Anders Petersen was appointed Professor of Photography in the School of Photography and Film at the University of Göteborg, Sweden. He regularly has workshops and exhibitions throughout Europe, Asia and in the USA. He has received numerous grants and rewards since the seventies, especially for his books From Back Home together with JH Engström (Rencontres d’Arles, Design Bronze Lion Cannes, 2009) and City Diary (Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation photobook award, 2012). Anders Petersen will have a conversation with Rémi Coignet on Sunday 3 June, documenta-Halle Kassel.


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